As previously explained, the Game Principles section aims to provide an insight into how the upcoming opponent performs in certain areas. This overview allows users to understand the opponent in a clear way and therefore prepare for the strengths and weaknesses they need to be aware of.

In terms of the Build-up section, there are multiple action types to analyse:

  • Wide pass

  • Long passing

  • Short passing

  • Dribble overload

  • Build-up tempo low

  • Build-up flank

  • Build-up center

  • Deep pass

Please see this article for definitions of each action type.

The frequency of the opponent in each action type is then plotted relative to every other team within the league. Next to that, a dotted line will show the team's performance in this action type during the full season whereas the blue line will show the selected matches - as shown below. This provides an indication of how the team performs in different types of matches, depending on the match selected previously.

From here, the report will also outline the two most frequently performed Build-up action types on an individual player level. In the graphic below, we see how the Scatter Plot view shows each of FC Twente's squad in the Build-up over the flank action type both in terms of quantity and quality.

Finally, the top two players for the action type will be shown within the usual Contribution Ratings view that will be familiar to Recruitment Application users. Within this view, users will see the player's ranking in the action type against others within the same position and league on a per 90 minutes basis.

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