The SciSports Career Advice Application calculates the fit between a player and a club. It answers the question which club is the best fit for a player at this moment in his career. In addition, it can be used for a range of scenarios including, but not limited to, assisting a player in his search for a new club, providing a data-driven solution for agents and allowing clubs to directly compare a prospective signing with their current players.

The SciSports Career Advice model can be run for a player, position, market value and advice type. The model calculates how well the player fits the club and looks at six aspects:

  • Likeliness: How likely is a transfer from this player to this club given his qualities, age, market value and the club's transfer policy?

  • Playing time chances: What are the player's chances of getting regular playing time at the new club given his qualities and those of his competitors at the club?

  • Potential development: What are the player's chances of developing himself at the new club given his qualities and the strength of the players at the club and the club's league?

  • Playing style fit: How well does the player's playing style fit within the club's playing style?

  • Formation fit: How well does the player's most played formation fit with the club's formations used?

  • Club status: What is the club status? Is this an interesting club to go to?

You can read more about the computation of these metrics here.

Once you have selected your chosen player, position and club(s), the Career Advice Application will provide you with the opportunity to choose between three different types of advice - balanced, playing time and ambitious.

For an example of the Career Advice Application, please see this fictive case.

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