The SciSports Career Advice Application has the primary aim of supporting players to make the best-informed transfer decisions. For this, a range of metrics are used to ultimately find the best club of fit within specific leagues of interest to the player.

You can read more about how metrics such as playing style and formation fit are computed here.

On top of the metrics that ultimately evaluate a player's suitability to certain clubs, selecting the right type of advice will be equally important. To take this into account, the model will evaluate different aspects on which a club fits with the player to present three options:

  • Balanced

  • Playing time

  • Ambitious

Based on the player's preferences, you can change the type of advice. If the player wants to go to a club where he will have a high chance to play much, you should select the Playing time option. If the player is ambitious and wants to go to a club where his chances of playing are lower but where he can really develop himself if he manages to play, you select the more risky Ambitious option. If you want a balance between playing time and development, you select the Balanced option.

An important thing to know is that the selected advice mode will impact the type of club show. For that reason, we suggest really thinking about the type of move you want for the player before running the advice.

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