The SciSports Career Advice Application makes use of data-driven insights to provide valuable information to players and agents when making transfers. Below, we take a closer look at how you can use the application.

As shown below, the Application initially presents users with several options. This includes choosing a player, main position, expected transfer value and type of advice. In this example we have selected FC Utrecht winger, Gyrano Kerk.

For more information on the type of advice you should be selecting, please see this article.

Once selecting 'create advice', the Application will process a shortlist of clubs as shown in the view below. From here, you can begin to examine the different insights presented for specific clubs.

From here, you can then select a number of clubs and then click on 'create report' in the top right corner. A useful functionality to further filter the selection of clubs is using the 'filters' function in the top-right hand corner. Here you can prioritise the type of objectives important for the transfer.

This will then take you to a screen where they can select the direct competitors that the given player would likely face at a club. Comparing players in this way can provide useful information with regards to what a player may be able to add to the prospective team that current players cannot.

The final step before viewing the customized reports is to simply click 'create report(s)' whereby the file will be available for download in the 'Overview' tab.

For more information on what type information is included in each report, please see this article.

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