Event Viewer

On this page you can easily find the events (e.g. all goals) of a match. Combining event-data (powered by Opta) with position-data as well as the video, this feature allows you to analyse events both quantitatively and qualitatively. The passes are not included in the Event Viewer. To analyse the passing performance we've created a separate report; the Pass Performance Analysis.

All the events in the Event Viewer for the Eredivisie are powered by Opta. Which means that we use the notational data provided by Opta and combine these with the position-data and video of the match. Since event-data from Opta is notational data, this may not always be as accurate as our features based on position data. The timestamp or location can deviate from the actual event on the field. Since both the 2D visualisation as well as the video are equipped with a forward and backward play function, all events are easily found.  

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