Export Markers in XML format for video tools.

How does it work?

1. Download video

Go to Data Center > Data sets

Download the video of the match you want to use.

*Or use your own video of the match

2. Make a selection

Go to a Tactical Report (e.g. Potential Opportunities) or any analysis in My Game Plan and make a selection of the relevant rows by using the checkbox in the table, or select all by the checkbox on top.

3. Download markers

Once you are happy with the selection, click the export button. Your browser will download an "XML" file with the information in there.

4. Select the relevant columns to export within the XML.

5. Import

Once downloaded you can import the video and .xml file in your trusted video-analysis tool (e.g. MyVA or SportsCode).

Example for SportsCode:

Note: All the marker export (.xml) files will consist of:

1. SciSports match timestamps for the start and end of each match half.

2. Instances of the selected events with their correct offset, based on the video provided in our application.
*If you use your own video file all instances can easily be aligned with the kickoff of the match.

3. Team or Individual Player coding

  • Individual Player coding: Runs & Sprints, Pass Performance and the Event viewer will be coded by player.

  • Team coding: Potential Opportunities & Build Ups will be coded by team.

4. Colour sorting of the both teams or players.

  • SciSports match timestamps will always be orange.

  • Home Team and home team players will always be blue.

  • Away Team and away team players will always be red.

5. Labels with relevant categories per instance.

6. Notes with detailed information per instance.

Any issues using the video and/or XML files in your video analysis tool?

Please reach out to us! We are happy to help.

Example 1. Runs & Sprints to video tool.

With this example I hope to give you an idea of the endless possibilities with the use of data driven event coding.

As an analyst I want to review all the sprints forward of one player, starting in the final third of the field.


I go to Tactical Reports > Runs & Sprints and adjust my filters in a way to get the desired result.


By selecting the sprint in the field or in the table below the analyst can pick the relevant sprints based on video and 2D visualisation.


After detecting and selecting the relevant events these can either being viewed within the Performance Center or exported. First select all the markers you want to export, then press the export button to download the .XML file that is compatible with most video analyser tools like MyVA and SportsCode.


The .xml files should work with any video analysis tool, for this example we will use SportsCode.

SportsCode example

Start a new project

Import > Video (for example the one available from our Data Center)

Import > SportsCode XML

Align video

Use the kickoff to align the video with the imported instances.

Apply your magic

Find the selected sprints in the timeline and work with them as if they are created with your own code window.

Our aim is to add value to your analysis and hopefully automise and improve tasks in your workflow. The marker export tool allows you to download the relevant events from the Performance Center straight to your video tool.

Read more about the Tactical Reports or Event Viewer and find out how this can add value and productivity to your workflow.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please send us your feedback.

Use the chat icon on the right to directly get in touch with us.

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