Within the player profile, it is now possible to compare the performance of players across different leagues on Performance metrics. Before, you could only compare on Basic Info, Career Statistics, SciSkill Development and Playing Style.

The compare function now allows you to directly compare the Performance metrics of up to three players. In this post, we look at what has been added and how it can be used in the data scouting process.

What is new?

Within the Recruitment application, you can now compare players from different leagues to each other. The performance metrics provide insights into how a player contributes both offensively and defensively to the performances of his team - including over 50 action types.

For example, it is now possible to compare the performances of a player in the Eredivisie to the Premier League. The players will still benchmarked against others in the same league/position as before, but this extended view will allow you to direct compare the performances of players in different leagues too.

What is important to know?

This feature is aimed to provide more context around potential targets. The comparison tool as a whole is mainly used for comparing up to three transfer targets in a range of views but there are some useful tips to bear in mind. A few additional tips will help you to maximize your player comparison.

  1. Be aware of league strengthnesses - Since users are now able to compare player performances across different leagues, we want to emphasize that you keep in mind that all leagues have different strengths. Therefore, a top passer in the Eliterserien might not necessarily rank the same if they were to move to the Jupiler Pro League.

  2. Be aware of different positions - As seen in the example above, you need to make sure that you will compare players on the same position, or at least be aware of the button to change it. Players are still benchmarked against others in the same league and position, so take notice of the position group of the player.

  3. Dive deeper into performance tabs - Within each performance group, you can click the dropdown menu to see the players rank in each specific action slice.

  4. Contact one of our Football Consultants - If you’re unclear on how to use the player performance compare button in the best way possible, please contact support@scisports.com and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

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