With Performance, we mean the former Contribution Ratings. This shows the value of a set of player actions based on their impact on the scoreline. On top of the SciSkill index, the Performance metrics provide insights into how a player both offensively and defensively contributes to the performances of his team. Furthermore, the module in the platform shows how each player rates on different aspects of performance compared to all other players in the same position and league.

The metrics help you answer questions, such as:

  • What is the impact of a player’s actions on his team scoring a goal (offensive) or preventing the opponent from scoring a goal (defensive)?

  • How does a certain player compare to similar players in the same league in terms of added value on action type X?

The performance of a player shows a quick overview of the value, offensive and defensive, that a player performed during a selected season. You are able to switch within different seasons, what gives you the opportunity to compare performance of a player over selected seasons. In the example below, Robert Lewandowski has had a big value compared to other strikers in the league.

In the example above, you will see the dotted line with a plus and minus on either side. This indicates that players to the right-hand side of the line contribute positively to their team's chances of scoring and preventing goals; further to the right the better. On the other side, players to the left-hand side have a negative contribution overall. In the case here, four players are placed on the left-hand side and therefore do not have an overall positive contribution to their team.

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