Live Insights - Load Monitoring

The Load Monitoring screen allows you to monitor the physical load and demands of the match. These live insights will guide your data-driven decisions during a match by providing objective information on relevant physical variables on both the team and each individual player.

Status of the live data

On top of the page, you will find an indicator on the status of the live data. For the incoming data, we are dependent on the tracking provider and will communicate via this icon if the incoming data is "live" or "disrupted".

Our process of analysing the live data is fast, however, there will always be a delay between the incoming raw data and the insights on the screen. The "last updated hh:mm:ss" informs you of the latest refresh. In addition, you will find how many minutes of the match are processed and included in the current view by the "updated until x minutes".

Find out more about the live data here:

Compare team performance

The team comparison on top of the page allows you to compare both teams' fieldplayer totals. The Goalkeeper is excluded for the calculation of fieldplayer totals.

Compare players

The physical performance of all players of your team will be displayed. To quickly find the relevant insights the table is customizable to your preferences. Make a selection of the most relevant variables and sort all players on any column.



The role is based on the formation provided by the event data provider at the start of the match.


The time in minutes in which the player is on the field.

Physical Variables

Please find more information on the physical variables in this article.

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