The Opponent Analysis application is a tool that can be used for pre-match preparation from a data-driven perspective. With a wide range of insights automatically generated, the report can inform coaching staff and players to prepare in the best way possible ahead of a match.

Within the application, users can login with their SciSports credentials and then will be presented with a number of features to design the tailor-made opponent analysis report.

For more information on the usability of the app, please see this article.

In terms of features, the Opponent Analysis app contains four key principles: Opponent Overview, Formations, Set-Pieces and Game Principles. Included within each of these elements is detailed information on the selected opponent and how they have performed in the selected matches and in the rest of the season.

Within the Opponent Overview, the reports include elements such as recent form of the opponent, league position, recent line-ups and results within certain tactical systems. Added to this, the Formations shows some more depth into how the team lines up and the players included within those formations.

Please browse the rest of the Opponent Analysis documentation here for further information on the application.

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