We are pleased to announce the latest update on the SciSports Recruitment Application.

Previously, the Performance tiles only showed the rankings for a player's main position. In the case of a player registering 1000 minutes at Centre Forward and 950 minutes at Winger, only the Centre Forward rankings would be shown.

However, the latest release now allows users to be able to switch between position groups for all players. As shown below in the example of Lionel Messi, this allows you to see the player's performances in different positions and therefore provides a full picture of his ability.

From a scouting perspective, this feature is particularly useful since it adds data-driven insights into the player's ability in different roles. While the Player Roles function enables this from a tactical point of view, the Performance metrics offer an insight into the player's on-field performances.

For more information on the metrics behind the Performance tiles, see this article.

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