To navigate to the Playing Style comparison, go to: Player Page > Compare > Select up to two other players > Select the Playing Style tab

The Player Style profile of a player tells you to what extent a particular player fits pre-defined player roles based on the domestic league performances of a player by season.

By comparing the player role profile of different players you get insights into where the playing style of one player differs from the other. Next to this, it gives an indication of which player is a better match with the type of player that you are looking for based on tactical demands.

As shown above, we have directly compared Diawara, Locatelli and Busquets using the Player Compare tool and navigating to the Playing Style tab.

Although all three players are categorised as Defensive Midfielders by position, added insights through the Playing Style shows some subtle differences in their respective performance categories. For instance, all three mostly align with the Deep Lying Playmaker role yet Diawara and Busquets also match some of the criteria for other roles too.

Check out this article to learn how to use Player Roles in assessing a player.

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