The SciSports Recruitment Application is a tool that can help users narrow down their scouting processes. In a database of over 180,000 players, getting down to a shortlist of names can be achieved in several ways - including use of the Performance filter.

While saving filters is a useful functionality, being able to store shortlists of preferred players is also effective. The shortlist function currently allows up to 250 players per shortlist. Through this feature, users can make sure that they keep track of potential targets and also view them in the below view.

For this example, we have used the Performance filter to find high ranking U23 players from the Jupiler Pro League during the current season.

From here, users can export the shortlist as a PDF or CSV file. The latter option will result in all elements becoming usable in numbers format. However, the shortlist feature can also be useful for sorting potential transfer targets in multiple ways.

As shown below, the 'sort' button provides the opportunity for users to view the shortlisted players in a variety of ways - including SciSkill six-month development, age and more.

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