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The SciSports recruitment platform has the primary aim of finding players that will fit the specific criteria that users are looking for. Through filtering elements such as Player Roles, SciSkill and Leagues, users have been able to find interesting players for further live or video scouting.

In order to make these searches even more specific to what a user is looking for, we have introduced a Performance filter that enables further accuracy when searching across our database of over 180,000 players. Through being able to filter on 10 action groups, users can more accurately search for the specific type of player that they are looking for - in addition to the pre-existing filters within the platform.

However, adding in an extra 50 specific action types to be filtered has the aim of allowing users to be even more accurate in their player searches. For example, users do not have to simply filter based on Finishing when looking for a Centre Forward but can do so on a more granular level in the six types of Finishing.

Before undertaking this type of player search with specific action type filters, please see this article for reference to each definition.

This function allows you to find players who ranked in the top 50%, 33% of 10% of players in their league and position in certain timeframes: most recent/current season, any season within the last two years or any season within the last three years. By using these options based on certain criteria, users will be able to find the most relevant players in relation to what they are looking for.

An important element to remember is that the timeframe selected may result in finding, for example, a player who recently joined a club in the Bundesliga having previously ranked highly in the Jupiler Pro League. In addition, players will only show up in these filter searches once playing over 450 minutes in a specific position during a league season within the timeframe selected.


Below, we take you through a working example with specific criteria stated:

  • Position: Centre Forward

  • Player Role: Target Man

  • Performance: top 33% in specific action types Close Shot, Offensive Header and Reception in the Box from any season within the last two years as well as ranking in the top 33% overall

  • Age: 22-28

  • Height: above 189cm

  • SciSkill Potential: 70-90

As you will see from the criteria above, we are searching for a traditional Target Man at Centre Forward who is over 189cm tall and possesses strengths in key areas for this position. By filtering further on SciSkill Potential and age, the aim is to find realistic options for teams in regular EU leagues.

From the snapshot above, you can see the final 10 players that match each set of our criteria sorted by SciSkill Potential in descending order. Just like in other filter searches, the top bar shows you the entire input that results in the eventual list. In this case, we have a 10-player shortlist of high performing Centre Forwards who are not only affordable but also rank well in key areas for the position we are looking to recruit for.

Adding specific action type filters based on what a user is looking for in a player enables a more accurate and precise search through data-driven insights.

Overall, this update has the aim of providing further context around a specific player search. The most valuable addition is being able to refine searches based on certain criteria points. This reinforces the importance of a clear strategy in player recruitment and being able to identify what is exactly needed in a squad.

Note: at present, players who do not have enough competitors in their position and league to be benchmarked against will show up in the top 10% of searches. For instance, setting all 10 action groups to only the top 10% will likely show only players who have none or very few competitors to be benchmarked against. This is often the case in positions such as Attacking Midfield where fewer players tend to reach the minute threshold in that position. To avoid only finding these players, we advise users to use the Performance filter in only the most important action groups for that position.

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