The recruitment platform offers a wide range of functionalities and the Career Statistics page is a great way to contextualise data-driven insights through general numbers.

In the updated Career Statistics page, users have the option to view a chosen player's general data from the last five domestic league seasons - including appearances, minutes played, starts, goals, assists, yellow cards and red cards. As shown below in the case of Julian Brandt, these numbers can also be normalised to a per 90 minutes basis.

By providing a toggle to normalise statistics on a per 90 minutes basis, this offers added insight into how a player has performed on average compared to other players. For instance, you may want to use the per 90 toggle to compare the goal-scoring record of two potential strikers who have played a differing number of minutes.

In sum, the added functionalities of this updated page are to help users add further context when scouting players. Through the Performance, SciSkill and Player Roles page, detailed insights are offered into a player's qualities. Therefore, the added element of raw numbers in terms of Career Statistics provides a quick and easy overview of the player's history over time.

As with other updates within the platform, the Career Statistics page of any player can be exported into a PDF file which makes it an easy-to-use tool with straightforward accessibility.

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