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95' Field Players-Averages

Comparison between teams can be done with normalized field player averages. For the calculation of the match averages, we have excluded goalkeepers and corrected for substitutes and red cards. The values are constructed from a value per minute times 95. 95 minutes because this is on average the duration of a match.

equation 1:

95 minute Fieldplayers Average = SUM(variable) / (SUM(time on field)/match time)*95

For example:

95' Fieldplayers Average Total Distance
= SUM(Total_Distance) / (SUM(time on field)/actual match time)*95

95' Fieldplayers Avg. Total Distance = 108.508 / (930/93)*95

95' Fieldplayers Avg. Total Distance = 10.308 m

Multiple Matches Average

For the calculation of a multi-match average first, the 95' field player's average is calculated for each match. Consecutively the average of all (selected) matches is calculated.

Averages over multiple matches are being used in our League Analysis.

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