SciSports' Physical Metrics present a one-of-a-kind way to analyse the physical performance of a player. Including metrics such as Speed and Stamina, you can find and evaluate players in accordance with their physical output.

From a scouting perspective, the metrics have been created to provide direct insights relative to other players in the same position and league. So, in the case of analysing a Bundesliga winger, they will be ranked against other wingers in the German top flight.

This is primarily achieved through computing the event-driven physical metrics into raw values before being aggregated into per position/league benchmarks.


Speed: Captures the average speed and acceleration capabilities of a player during and close to times of ball possession.

Stamina: Captures the total distance covered by a player between events.

You can read a more in-depth methodology related to Speed and Stamina by clicking the interactive links for each metric.

For users of the Physical Metrics within the Recruitment Application, the following view will be presented within each player's page - in addition to a Physical filter whereby you can filter by both Speed and Stamina.

Please contact if you would like more information on activating the Physical Performance module.

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