We are happy to bring the latest update to life within the Recruitment application. This update includes improved Action Slices within the Performance metrics section to enhance player evaluation through data-driven insights.

The most important update within the Action Slices comes within the Offensive Positioning section where Action Types have been added and adjusted. A major reason for making these improvements is to ensure that data-driven insights provided within the Recruitment app best reflect the value produced by players on the pitch.

Within the Offensive Positioning category, we have added a Reception in the Final Third action type which quantifies all receptions within the final third and measures the quality of a player's subsequent action. Added to this, the 'Positioning' action slices have been recalculated under a new methodology. The value of receiving a pass or cross is equal to the contribution rating of the pass or cross itself to ensure that we can find players who are frequently receiving possession in key areas. The definition of these action types can be found within this article.

Furthermore, there have been some slight changes to the definitions of the following metrics: Counterpressing, Interception and Blocked shot.

Just like with all Action Slices and Types, the definitions for each metric can be found within this glossary in the Knowledge Base.

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