We are happy to announce a brand new feature within the SciSports Recruitment application. This includes added functionalities in the form of a comments section on each Player Page.

Data scouting requires research on a big number of players and that's why our added comments section will help you streamline your processes in the most effective way.

Keep track of interesting players, add your own insight on the player's ability and see what your colleagues think of a certain player. Using such a functionality should enable users to detect players through the Players tab in which a comments icon is presented for players who have been commented on by you or a colleague.

As shown below, your comments will be present within the left-hand side of the Player Page.

Users are able to edit and delete their own comments although they will not be able to do so for colleagues within the same account. When exporting a Player Page to PDF, the top comments shown within the tab will also be present.

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