Within the Career Advice application, you are able to select the market value for your desired player. Once you have selected the player for the Transfer Advice, their default market value will then load as shown in the image below.

However, you can also select the desired amount that you believe the player is worth. For instance, it could be that you have information on the player's release clause which makes this value more relevant. By changing the value, the Transfer Advice will then produce results that are deemed most relevant based on historic transfer fees paid by the club.

So, for instance, setting the market value of a player at €1million will include many more clubs than at €100million. All clubs will still be considered but the overall club fit percentage will differ in accordance with the value you put in. For example, a relatively low market value will result in more clubs being likely to buy the selected player and therefore influencing the attribution of stars.

If we were to select the market value of €1million for Mohamed Salah, his Playing Time chances at each club able to afford that price would be distributed accordingly. In other words, he would have a five star chance of playing at a lower league team and a one star chance at an elite team since the stars are attributed relative to all teams that can afford the price.

With the above in mind, players who are to become free agents in the next window should not be placed at the minimum value. For example, selecting the market value of €50,000 for Georginio Wijnaldum would result in far less accurate results than selecting his true market value based on his on-field abilities.

Therefore, we advise using the adjustable market value option in the knowledge that results will change based on the amount you select.

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