Within the Career Advice application, the Transfer Advice functionality allows you to gain an overview of possible next clubs for a selected player. Taking into account elements such as Playing Style, Potential Development and Likeliness all add useful context for users looking to find a next suitable club for a player.

As you will see in the snapshot below, the player will be rated out of five stars for each of the metrics provided. This is to provide a better understanding of how, for instance, a player is likely to fare in terms of adjusting to the Playing Style at a club.

The attribution of stars to each club within the database works on a scaling method which compares the player to all relevant clubs. For example, setting the market value of a player at €1million means that there would be many more likely destinations than a €35million value.

The model will first determine the teams with a high transfer likeliness based on the current level of the player, age and market value. From there, it will determine the highest and lowest fits for Potential Development and Playing Time before scaling all teams from one to five stars in each category.

Having developed this model over time, we believe that using relative stars gets the very most out of the Career Advice product. Rather than stating all clubs with a five star chance of Playing Time, scaling in relation to all possible clubs provides a better insight into the most suitable destinations.

Please see this article for more information on how the Market Value you select can impact the model's output.

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