We are delighted to announce the release of the SciSports Career Advice app which brings actionable data insights to transfer activity.

The SciSports Career Advice app has data-driven insights on over 3,000 clubs in around 250 leagues worldwide. Finding the right club fit for a chosen player is made possible through a range of different metrics which help find the best options in relation to objectives.

As you will see below, the Transfer Advice viewer allows users to find the most suitable clubs for a player based on different metrics such as Playing Time, Formation, Economic and Potential Development.

In the case of Ben Cabango below, we see a number of suitbale clubs in relation to these metrics.


What this initially provides is an overview of interesting clubs for the player. Further filtering on the right-hand side allows you to directly add desired objectives. For instance, Cabango may only be willing to move to a club where he will be likely to have game time. In that case, setting the Playing Time filter to at least three could be worthwhile.

From here, we can select a club of interest to create a report on. Just as an example, we will select Southampton in the Premier League.

As you can see below, clicking through to create the report allows you to directly compare Cabango to some possible competitors at Southampton. The intuition behind allowing users to insert the competitors themselves is to ensure that there is flexibility around the transfer market. For example, it could be that a player is due to leave at the end of the season and therefore a compariosn is not totally relevant for an incoming player.

Once you create the report, users can find an overview of all requested reports for PDF download in the 'Overview' tab at the top of the app.

To see an example report and find out more about the Career Advice app subscriptions, please contact your Football Consultant or email support@scisports.com

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