We are pleased to announce the release of an integration point between the SciSports Recruitment Application and InStat Video.

The SciSports Recruitment Application has data-driven insights on over 180,000 players in around 250 leagues worldwide. Assessing a player through elements such as SciSkill, Performance and Player Roles can all be valuable at some stage of the scouting process.

However, the addition of InStat Video at each player page ensures that users are always able to watch the player with the support of data-driven insights within the platform. SciSports Recruitment Application users with an InStat account will be able to video each player by video directly through the application.

As shown below in the case of Robert Lewandowski, you directly navigate through to his InStat profile via the SciSports Recruitment Application.

By clicking on the 'video' icon, you will then land on that specific player's InStat profile - like in the example below with Lewandowski.

Please email support@scisports.com to find out more about the packages available

Extended shortlist capacity

Elsewhere in this release, we are also pleased to announce the extension of the shortlist capacity. Within this update, the number of players available in the shortlist has increased from 50 to 250 players. This update provides users with the opportunity to keep track of players in a larger capacity while also remaining focussed on specific scouting tasks.

Please see this article for more information on how the shortlist feature can maximize your use of the Recruitment Application.

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