The SciSports Recruitment Application has data-driven insights on over 180,000 players in around 250 leagues worldwide. Assessing a player through elements such as SciSkill, Performance and Player Roles can all be valuable at some part of the scouting process.

No matter how useful the data insights provided by the platform can be to contextualise a player's persona by data, we believe that data scouting should always lead to watching a player by video and/or live in a stadium.

That's why we've teamed up with InStat to bring the video feature button to the Recruitment Application for users of both platforms. As shown below in the case of Kevin De Bruyne, you directly navigate through to his InStat profile via the SciSports Recruitment Application in a separate browser tab.

By clicking on the 'video' icon, you will then land on that specific player's InStat profile - like in the example below with De Bruyne.

The intuition behind this additional feature is to ensure that all data-led scouting eventually ends up in watching players by eye. It could be the case that a user finds five interesting CB options through the Performance filter. From here, they will be able to navigate through to video footage of that player - conveniently categorised in a number of ways including all of the player's actions per match, specific action groups and much more.

As shown below, users can easily navigate to a player's specific action groups. In this example below, we see the last 40 crossing actions of De Bruyne.

What if I don't have an InStat account?

For SciSports users who do not own an InStat account, there are options available to activate this additional functionality in a number of ways.

Please email to find out more about the packages available.

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