We are pleased to announce the release of the SciSports GBE points calculator, helping users in player recruitment for Premier League and English Football League (EFL) teams. Given changes to the way in which English clubs can now recruit players from overseas, this provides an essential tool for quickly viewing the estimations of GBE scores.

This additional module within the platform provides an estimation on how players sit within the Football Association's (FA) post-Brexit regulations.

Using the GBE filter

Users of the GBE filter will be able to find the filter itself located on the left-hand side of the Players tab. The ability to use this feature alongside a range of pre-existing filters within the Application adds a useful level of clarification to recruitment processes.

When navigating through the Players tab, users will be able to see the points total of a player in line with GBE criteria, whether they qualify for Autopass and the eventual outcome for that player. As you will see in the snapshot below, the Players tab provides users with the opportunity to filter on GBE score estimation.

One key aspect to note is that 'Autopass' players will be shown unless the filter is set to a maximum of 14.

Determining whether a player is eligible to play in the Premier League or EFL is based on the Football Association's specific criteria. For more information on how this works in practice, please refer to this Knowledge Base article on GBE.

By integrating this functionality into other ways of working within the Recruitment Application, users can instantly view an indication of a player's GBE points total. Filtering on a minimum number of GBE points may be useful to exclude players who are not eligible right now.

GBE points breakdown

What is most useful for this feature is being able to view the specific points breakdown for each player. As mentioned before, the criteria points outlined by the FA provide a benchmark for how players can gain eligibility. The individual breakdown for each player provides further information on how they earn their respective points total.

In the case of Enock Mwepu, we see that he earns the required points through four main elements - therefore indicating the value of his Continental Progression last season. Viewing this breakdown provides useful context for users when they eventually come to applying for GBE eligibility to the FA.

For any questions about the GBE package, please email support@scisports.com

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