Superiority - surplus situations on the offensive.

A good example of a feature based on ‘’off-the-ball balance’’. This addresses the behaviour of the player without the ball, unlike the event-data. Since players are in action with the ball most of the time, it is very interesting to look at off-the-ball parameters that contribute to success.

Superiority is calculated as the numerical superiority score for the attacking team in the final third and in the score box. To do this, the numerical balance is assessed (by counting players from both teams) in a specified area during the duration of each pass and and then points awarded for each window in which the attacking team's numerical had superiority in that area (+1 player = 1 point, +2 players = equal to 2 points, etc.). In the scatter plot this is calculated per team across all matches of the first half of the season.


Goes FR, Kempe M, Meerhoff LA, Lemmink KAPM (2018) Not every pass can be an assist: a data-driven model to measure pass effectiveness in professional soccer matches. DOI: 10.1089/big.2018.0067

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