We're excited to present SciSports Platform v2.41. In this release, we have an additional feature that builds on the addition of a Performance Filter function - bringing you even more insights in player recruitment.

Filtering on specific action types

Being able to filter player lists based on action groups has been a useful addition to the SciSports platform. However, limiting this to just the 10 main action groups prevents a drill down into specific action groups which are present within a player's profile page. Seeing direct rankings in specific areas compared to other players in the same league and position can only add value to a user's recruitment process.

Therefore, the addition of an extra 50 specific action types allows users to find the certain type of player profile they are looking for. For example, a user may be looking to replace an outbound Centre Forward who thrives in Offensive Header and Close Shot. Adding these specific criteria to player searches will bring up players who rank well in certain areas. Besides, this release enhances the pre-existing filters within the platform - combining these insights with other requirements you might have in finding potential reinforcements for your team, such as age, SciSkill or market value will ensure a comprehensive search list.

In the previous release of just the 10 main action groups, users could search for the top passers or dribblers in a certain league, region or age range. This addition, however, will allow users to undertake deeper scouting processes - for example, looking for the top 10% of players for long pass or dribble past opponent.

As outlined within the Performance filter section, having an awareness of each specific action types will ensure the best output from this feature. To read the definitions of each term, please see this knowledge base article,

The Performance filter is available in the player list and you will probably spot the filter quite easily due to the NEW! label we added there. Some things mentioned in Release Notes v2.4 that are worth reiterating:

  • In the performance filter, you can filter on a player's overall performance and 6 offensive plus 4 defensive action types. You can find a further drill down on specific action types by clicking the action group label directly.

  • Timeframes: when filtering on Any season within the last 3 years, all players are returned that have met your criteria at least once in the last 3 years. So when you filtered on top third at Passing, you also get players who belonged to the top third passers in a season 3 years ago, such as season 2018 or 2018/2019. To only get recent top performers, adjust the filter to Most recent/current season or Any season within the last 2 years.

  • Only players that played more than 450 minutes in the season that meets your criteria are being returned.

  • Let's say a player played on 2 different positions in a season: 1500 minutes as a Centre Forward and 800 minutes at Right Wing. On the performance page of this player we will only show insights for this player as a Centre Forward because that's where he played most. Therefore, the performance filter will only consider the performance as a Centre Forward for this player.

Pro tip: when intending to filter on specific action types, optimal processing speed is achieved through using the other filter elements (SciSkill, Age, Height, etc.) before delving into the Performance tab. Therefore, we advise loading up the other filter sections when necessary before filtering on specific action groups or types.

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