We're excited to present Insight 3.2. Some of the highlights are:

  • Player Roles

  • Update on xG / xS metrics

  • Select All / Deselect All functionality

  • Compare Players from Player Profiles

Player Roles

Based on questions from our customers, such as "Can you find me the next ..?", we added a new feature called Player Roles. With this feature we enable our users to search for similar players based on the playing style of a given player.


Update on xG / xS metrics

The previous version of the xG metrics was based on a rolling average of 10 matches, which was not representative for the xG of a player in multiple ways: average could be based on a wide range of shots (from 1 to tens), and the chart implied a certain level of xG whilst a player did not play a match. We updated the xG metrics by:

  • Changing the calculation of xG from an average of 10 matches to an average last 25 shots (and recalculating it for every week)

  • Adding indicators to show under- or overperformance of a player in a certain period

  • Adding a table with season overviews

  • Show xS for goalkeepers


Select All / Deselect All functionality

Bulk operations in de player list or shortlist now become easier with the checkbox on top of the list. The checkbox allows you to select all visible players in the list, or deselect all selected players. With this functionality adding players to or removing them from your shortlists can be done much faster than before.


Compare Players from Player Profiles

Before, players had to be in the same list (player list or shortlist) to be able to compare them. Now we added features that makes it possible to add players for a comparison while viewing the details of a specific players. Just open the blue menu button on the player page and select "Add players to compare with".

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