We're pleased to introduce Insight 3.21. Some of the highlights of this release are:

  • Sciclopedia page

  • Update on similarity search

Sciclopedia page

If you read this, you have been able to find our new Sciclopedia page! After the release of our Insight v3 platform, we received lots of requests for background information on the insights we show in our platform. On this Sciclopedia page we will provide you with this background information, but also with manuals, release notes and other content.

In the previous release 3.2, we introduced the new feature Player Roles which contained the functionality to search for similar players. To increase the usability, we made some adjustments to the player list that is returned after searching for similar player (via the search bar on top of the screen). Some of these changes are:

  • Added the benchmark player to the player list

  • Added the score of the similarity search next to the similarity column

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