Recently, we released a major update of the Insight platform (3.3) containing the new feature Contribution Ratings amongst others. After this release we worked on some smaller changes that would further improve the experience for you a a user. Some of the highlights of these changes are:

  • Season selector in Contribution Ratings

  • Click through on chart in Contribution Ratings

  • Season visual in xG metrics

  • Smoother login procedure

Season Selector in Contribution Ratings

After the release of Contribution Ratings we received a lot of requests for historical Contribution Ratings. Well, with the new release we added a season selector to the shotgun chart in a player's Contribution Ratings. Via this selector you can choose yourself what season to show in the shotgun chart.


Click through on Shotgun Chart

Another question we received a lot after the release of Contribution Ratings was "is it possible to go to the player details of another dot in the Contribution Ratings chart when hovering over / clicking on this dot?" With this new release our answer is YES! Just click on a dot in the chart and you will be directed to the player details of this other player.

Season visual in xG metrics

When viewing the expected goals of player (or expected saves of a goalkeeper), you can now easily check his goal scoring performance per season with the season visual.


Smoother Login Procedure

Some of our customer asked us to take a look at the login procedure. They had the feeling that their session timed out quite fast and were directed to the dashboard every time (after logging in). With this release, we have improved this login procedure by:

  • Increasing the session time

  • Redirecting the user after login to the url he is intended to go (instead of default dashboard)

  • Automatically saving the username

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