Recently, we released the new SciSports platform. After this release we decided to mainly focus on product improvements mentioned by our users for the remainder of this year. In this Christmas release we bundled these improvements together with some minor bug fixes. Some of the highlights are:

  • Improved Functionality of the Search Bar

  • Age Categories on Shortlist Risers

  • Remember Scroll Position in Player List

  • PDF Export on Shortlist

  • Shortlist Info on Player Card

Some of our users asked us if we could add some additional information (such as club, league, country, position) to the search results, such that they are able to quickly spot the right player, club or league that they were looking for. In this release we followed up on this request and furthermore we extended the maximum number of search results from 6 to 8.


Age Categories on Shortlist Risers

After we released the new SciSports platform, the users with lots of players on their Shortlists mentioned that it would be nice if we could slice the Shortlist Risers on their home screen based on players' age, and so we did. With the added tabs you can easily view the fastest SciSkill risers on shortlists within a certain age group.


Remember Scroll Position in Player List

Experienced users will probably recognise the following. You are scrolling through the Player List and stumble upon an interesting player, you click on this player and after assessment you want to navigate back to the point were you left off. Unfortunately the platform would direct you back to the top of the list. Also see this product idea. In this release we have put some efforts into remembering your scroll position in the player list when you are viewing that stats of a specific player. This means that you continue your player search from the position were you left off, after you're done with the assessment of this player.

Also, we removed the back-button from the player's profile page as we noticed that its functionality did fully align with user behaviour. Instead, we introduced the Players / [Player Name] tabs on top of the player card. Of course, clicking on the "Players" tab also directs you back to the position in the Players List where you left off.


PDF Export on Shortlist

Previously the shortlist export consisted of either a PNG file or a CSV file. Because a lot of users told us that they would like to be able to print their shortlist(s), we noticed that a PNG format did not really support this use case. In line with the feedback we received, we changed the format of the PNG exort to a PDF format, which should enable you to quickly print a clear overview of the players on your shortlist!

Shortlist Info on Player Card

We noticed that users forgot that they already added a player to one of their shortlists when viewing this player's statistics, because the player's profile page lacked any shortlist indication.

As of now you can easily see if and to which of your shortlists a player is added when viewing his profile page. You can even click on (one of) the indicated shortlist and we will direct you to the concerning shortlist in the platform!

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