We're excited to present the SciSports platform v1.2. This update definitely contains some features and improvements that you are going to like, such as:

  • Defensive Contribution Ratings

  • Improved Insights in Contract Status and Players on Loan

  • Checkbox on Benchmarked Player of Similarity Search

  • Slightly New Look and Feel

Defensive Contribution Ratings

An important task for football scouts is to assess how football players contribute to the performances of their teams. To assist scouts in this process, we introduced the Contribution Rating metrics in the SciSports Platform last summer. While traditional football statistics such as the number of completed passes or number of successful tackles only consider how often a player performs a particular type of action, the Contribution Rating metrics measure the contribution of different types of player actions by accounting for both their frequency and impact on the match. Until now, these metrics mainly concerned the action types that contributed to scoring a goal, i.e. offensive contributions.

To enable scouts to better assess the impact of defensive players on their team’s performances, we have extended the Contribution Ratings module in the SciSports Platform with five brand new Contribution Rating metrics for defensive actions: interceptions, tackles, clearances, fouls, and defensive positioning. The latter metric even goes beyond what existing football metrics offer by measuring a player's abilities to prevent their opponent from becoming dangerous!


Improved Insights in Contract Status and Players on Loan

Several clients requested us to provide more insights in the players who are out on loan to further improve the monitoring and flagging of potential signings for next season. First of all, we added clear labels to the players who are out on loan in the player list and the player profiles. Besides this, we updated search results, such that players who are out on loan also appear when filtering on their parent club. For example, when filtering on Manchester City, you could also check their loaned out players.

Last but not least, we also increased usability of the contract / loan status filter. The updated filter lets you identify players with expiring contracts within a few mouse clicks!


One of the several smaller improvements we worked on, is adding a checkbox to the player used as a benchmark when searching for similar players. This checkbox allows you to add this player to one of you shortlists, or -the more likely option- to compare him with one or two other players that pop up in the search results.

We mention this change specifically, because some clients explicitly asked us to add this functionality. So here it is!


Slightly New Look and Feel

Maybe you noticed that something had changed, but your could not pinpoint what exactly changed. This is because we freshened up the look and feel of the platform a bit. The layout of the different SciSports outlets, such as our platform and our company website, are more aligned with this new look and feel. This should give you a fine-tuned experience when using our products and services.

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