Recently, we released brand new player profile pages in the platform. After this release we continued extending this new player page with exhaustive performance insights, fixing bugs and implementing product improvements. Most important highlights of this release are:

  • In-depth performance insights

  • Updated criteria for performance insights

  • Remembering filters and viewed players in player list

In-depth Performance Insights

The Performance insights at a player's page, are there to help you contextualise a player’s recent and past performances, by measuring his contribution to the team on a range of actions.

In previous versions these performance insights were limited to 10 high-level action categories (5 offensive and 5 defensive categories). With this release you can go 1 step further in the assessment of a player's performance, because we added 46 detailed action types for 9 higher level action categories! Now you cannot only assess how a player's passing game contributes to the team, but also with what types of passes this player performs best compared to other players in the same league and on the same position. For passing we defined 11 detailed action types, such as Chance creation, Build-up passing, and Passing after recovery.

The 10th action category Defensive Positioning will be back soon with 4 corresponding detailed action types!


Updated Criteria for Performance Insights

Together with the new feature above, we also updated the criteria for showing performance insights for a player.

Previously we only showed performance insights when a player played more than 700 minutes in a season in a domestic league. For the other players in the chart (benchmark players) the same criterion applied. Because some of our clients asked us if we could show performance insights before players played 700 minutes, we investigated what we could do to satisfy this request.

Research indicated that the performances stabilise after reaching 900 playing minutes in a season, but after playing more than 450 minutes the chart could already give a fair indication. So what did we do?

  • For players with more than 450 and fewer than 900 playing minutes, we show the chart and provide a note in which we indicate that the performance might still change a bit.

  • All other players (benchmark players) in the chart should have played at least 450 minutes in that season to appear in the chart.

  • In case a player played less than 450 minutes in a season, we do show the chart (only if there are any other player who played at least 450 minutes). However, we explicitly warn you that shown performance are not yet representative for an entire season.


Remembering Filters and Viewed Players in Player List

With the previous release the applied filters were not remembered anymore when navigating from the player list to a player's page (and back). With this release we restored and improved this functionality!

In case you applied any filters in the player list, they will be remembered until you either remove them again (in the player list), or if you logout. So you can browse to the entire platform without worrying about re-applying that valuable set of filters. Pro tip: when you've put a lot of work in applying a set of interesting filters, you can always use the SAVE button at the top left. This way you can even re-use the same filters after you've logged out and in again.

Besides this, we also restored the functionality that the platform remembers at which player you clicked when browsing through the player list. Let's say you filtered on Centre Forwards, scrolled down the list a couple of times and then clicked on Danny Ings. When you go back (via back-button or Players-button) to the player list after assessing Danny Ings, the player list will open at the position of Danny Ings (instead of the top of the list). Note: this only works when navigating from player list to player page and back. If you go to another page, such as Team, and then back to Players, the list will open at the top.

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