Last week we already released the new player compare feature. With today's release of SciSports Platform v2.31 we extend this feature with the functionality to compare players on playing style!

Player Compare - Playing Style

This new compare feature allows you to compare 2 or 3 different players on the aspect of Playing Style. We added this feature to help you understand the to which extend the selected players can be considered similar/different in terms of their playing styles. Would this player on my shortlist be able to play in a similar role as my current left winger?

The season you selected for each player will determine what blueprints will be shown in the Playing Style Comparison. Did you select the 2017/2018 season for player A and the 2019/2020 season for player B, then you will be comparing the playing style of player A 3 years ago with the playing style of player B last year.

When a selected player played on multiple positions is a season, you can select any of these positions in the selector above the blueprint. Please not that no reliable blueprints can be determined for positions in which the player played fewer than 450 minutes. To help you make a fair comparison, we try to match the selected positions of the second and third player with the first player by default. So if the first (most left) player is a right back, we filter the blueprints of the other players on right back. If they did not play on that position, we pick their main position.

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