When entering the right SciSports credentials, checking the box next to the Privacy Policy and clicking on SIGN IN, the user gets redirected to the same SciSports login screen again (1st screenshot). It could also happen that the user gets redirected to a similar login page (2nd screenshot).


The platform makes use of a cross-site tracking mechanism (to communicate between the new platform and former Insight) and the user's browser settings block this kind of tracking.


The user should check his/her browser settings and (temporarily) allow cross-site tracking. Check the examples for the browsers Safari and Chrome on how to do this.


  1. Open Preferences

  2. Navigate to Privacy

  3. Uncheck the box next to Prevent cross-site tracking


  1. Open Settings

  2. Navigate to Advanced > Privacy and security

  3. Go to Site settings

  4. Go to Cookies and site data

  5. Switch off Block third-party cookies

We will optimise this cross-site tracking soon and by then this problem should not occur anymore.

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