The SciSports platform is optimally designed and developed for devices with a minimum screen width of 960px in landscape mode (screen width is larger than screen height).

Furthermore, SciSports supports the use of the platform on the following browsers.

  • Chrome

  • Firefox

  • Safari

  • Microsoft Edge (as of the 2020 release)

In practice, this means you could smoothly run our platform on tablets, laptops and desktop computers with one of the for-mentioned browsers. If you run into any issues in this case, please report these at Customer Support ( and we will further assist you.

Our development efforts focus on the devices and browsers we support. Running the SciSports platform on other devices (such as mobile phone) or browsers (such as Internet Explorer) is not impossible, but could lead to suboptimal use of our features or even bugs. Therefore, we strongly recommend using a supported device and browser!

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