When we receive a new idea, we will review the idea to make sure that we understand it. If we have any questions somebody will contact you to obtain further clarification. Subsequently, we will post the idea in the corresponding idea section here.

If the idea is very specific to your organisation, we will also try to make the idea more generic so that other users would better be able to see the benefit to them and can also vote for the idea.

In some cases, the idea refers to functionality that already exists in the platform but which you may not be aware of. In that case somebody will contact you to assist you in using the functionality. The support team will also provide you with available product documentation explaining the functionality you requested.

Your idea may also be identical or very similar to an existing idea. In this case we will merge your idea with the existing idea, and ask you to go and vote for the existing idea.

At the end of this process, we do additional work to properly categorise the idea, make rough estimates as to the amount of effort that would be involved in implementing it, determining how many users would potentially benefit from it, determining potential problems should we implement it, etc. If necessary, we will then also add a public comment to the idea to share any specific concerns or issues.


Only visitors who created an account for the SciSports HelpCenter can view (and vote on) product ideas. More information on how to create an account can be found here.

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