Unlike the SciSkill index, the Performance metrics are not tailored for a cross comparison of players in different leagues (yet). A player with high offensive performance in the Italian Serie B, cannot be compared 1-on-1 with a player that shows high offensive performance in the English Premier League. However, the Performance metrics can provide you with crucial context when it comes down to assessing players, as we discuss below.

The Performance metrics provide insights into how a player both offensively and defensively contributes to the performances of his team. Furthermore, the module in the platform shows how each player rates on different aspects of the football game compared to all other players in the same position in the same league.

Offensive Performance can, for example, tell you that a certain player does not contribute that much to his team’s offensive game, but does belong to the highest performing passers in his league (of all players on similar positions). On the other hand, a player who hardly ever shoots on goal (and thus is more likely to score low on Shot Performance) might have a very high overall Offensive Performance.

Considering the Defensive Performance, it could occur that a player belongs to the highest performing tacklers on his position in the league, whilst not contributing that much to his team’s defensive game overall (compared to players on similar positions). Also, players who belong to the worst performing tacklers in the league, can have a relatively high overall contribution to their team’s defensive game.

Next to the relative contribution a player has to his team, Performance also provide insights into the specific qualities of a player. Does a player score relatively high on Dribbles in his league? Then you can assume this is one of his core qualities. Is a player performing rather bad on certain aspects? Then this can indicate it’s either not one of his qualities or that he rarely makes use of this quality during matches.

Performance gives you a quick overview to find the highest offensive or defensive contributing players in each league based on totals or specific qualities. Depending on the qualities you are looking for in a player, you can use Performance metrics to assess whether a player shows these qualities on the pitch.

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