As explained in this article, the Performance metrics in the SciSports Platform assess the impact of each player's actions on the course of a match.

The defensive variant of Performance considers the actions that mostly contribute to preventing goals. We measure a player’s Performance on a range of four distinct action types. This includes Prevention, Recoveries, Pressing and Defensive Positioning. The overall chart shows the total contribution on all four action groups. All the defensive performances are compared to players in the same position and league, normalised to a per 90 minutes basis.

Below, Sergio Ramos' defensive metrics are shown compared to other La Liga centre backs in the selected season. By navigating through each action group, users will then see a breakdown of how Ramos ranks in specific action types.

As you will see below, we have included some video examples of specific action types.

Defensive Positioning

Preventing the opponent from being dangerous without touching the ball. These are the attempts of players of the defending team to decrease the opponent’s scoring chances by positioning well, as Virgil Van Dijk shows in the video below.

For more information on how Defensive Positioning is calculated, please see this article.

Below, we show some video examples of featured Action Types in the Performance tiles.


Successfully retrieving the ball from an opponent's pass or cross


An attempt to retrieve the ball from the feet of the opponent by performing a standing or sliding tackle.


An attempt to kick or head the ball away to limit the opponent’s goal to scoring chances.


A foul resulting in either a free kick or a penalty kick for the opponent team.

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