As explained in this article, the Performance metrics in the SciSports Platform assess the impact of each player's actions on the course of a match.

The offensive variant of Performance considers the actions that mostly contribute to scoring goals. We measure a player’s offensive performance on a range of 5 distinct action types, namely shots, passes, crosses, dribbles and take ons. The overall charts shows the total contribution on all 5 action types. All the offensive performances are compared to similar players in the league.



Any attempt on goal. This could vary between a shot and a header, or any other direct type of attempt to score a goal. Besides shots on target, also shots wide and blocked shots are taken into account here.


All attempts to deliver the ball to a teammate, except for the ones that are passed from the flanks inside the box (see crosses). This includes short and long passes, both successful and unsuccessful.


All pass attempts given from the flanks and targeted at the box. Both successful and unsuccessful crosses are taken into consideration.


Movement of a player with the ball on his feet (into space) with the aim to improve field position, without trying to outplay an opponent (see take ons). This includes both successful and unsuccessful dribbles.

Take Ons

A dribble with the aim to outplay an opponent and thereby create space. This includes both successful and unsuccessful take ons.

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