Event data files

Within the Data Center, you will find the Data Sets for each match. We provide all the files available for this match, including event data provided by Opta. To guarantee the quality of the data and the features, the event data will be replaced 2 times.

  1. The video is often directly available after each match, therefore the "instant f7" and "instant f24" are made available together with the video. These "instant" files are directly available.

  2. Subsequently, we deliver the final f7 and "temporary f24" when the tracking data (.dat) of the match is made available and therefore consists of more post-match corrections.

  3. The final f24 (without "instant" or "temporary") is uploaded when the Opta-qualifier 229 is added to the file, the post-match correction is now considered as done.

To provide you with the highest quality analyses our analyses and reports will re-run after these final files are available.

Import in MyVA

You can import soccer data provided by OPTA using the OPTA Soccer import.

  • Select the File menu

  • Choose Import

  • Choose OPTA Data

  • Choose OPTA Soccer Data

  • Select the 2 XML files (Match (f7) and Events (f24))

  • Set the colours for the home and away team and the players

  • Set the start time for first and second half

  • Choose Open

  • Choose to combine or overwrite

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