We offer the option to receive email notifications once a match or specific file is available in the Performance Center.

For example, if you want to know when the video is available for each match, you only select video notifications for all matches. Or if you only want to know when your team's match data is complete and available in the Physical Reports, you can choose to receive the 'imo file' notification only.

You can set up and personalise the notification settings on your profile page.

Choose which email address you would like to receive notifications for. You can then easily choose between receiving notifications for all matches or your team's matches only. Check the boxes of the files you want to get notified for and don't forget to press the save button.

All set! You now receive notifications in your inbox as soon as a file is available.

Not sure what the best settings are for you, or any other questions or feedback? Please reach out to us.

Use the conversation icon on the right to directly get in touch with us.

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