Runs & Sprints

Each dot on the field corresponds with the starting point of a run of the selected player(s). In order to analyse a certain trend of sprinting locations and directions the second half is mirrored on the field. This way the playing direction of a team is always set to one side and indicated with an arrow under the field. 

After selecting a match, team, and player, all the runs above 13,5 are displayed on the field and table. Subsequently, the thresholds can be chosen from 17,5 km/h to everything above 27,5 km/h. For more info about the chosen threshold please read this article.  

Possession Type
The possession type filter allows you to analyse runs & sprints in possession separate from the runs & sprints out of possession

Direction of the run or sprint can be displayed when selecting the "Show direction" box. 

Video and 2D visualisation
When a run/sprint is selected, the table will open with the relevant parameters and video. Since the video does not always capture the sprinting player, a 2D animation of the situation is included next to the video for each run. 

JSON export markers
Each analysis should start with data and is continued with video, we believe. After detecting and selecting the relevant events based on the data, these can either being viewed in the IPC or exported to your trusted video analyser. Our aim is to add value to your analysis and hopefully automise some tasks in your workflow. Therefore, we allow you to download the relevant events from the IPC straight to your video analyser and hope to add value and productivity to your workflow. First select all the markers you want to export to a JSON file, then press the Export button to download the JSON file that is compatible with most video analyser tools like MyVA and Hudl.

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