With this feature, we provide an answer to the questions: what is the potential to create an opportunity out of this situation?
The Potential Opportunities defined in the SPC are based on multiple metrics derived from position data [1]. Why position data is favourable above other ways of analyses will be explained soon in our next article

Many models and metrics try to quantify the quality of a shot on goal. However, most of these models are lacking a lot of the key factors that contribute to the quality of an opportunity [2]. The SPC Potential is a more advanced metric that does include off-ball behaviour of the players and is, therefore, a good representation of the actual performance. 

SPC Potential 

The SPC Potential is a value that represents the potential to create an opportunity out of a ball reception. To get a quick impression of the potential the dots on the field are coloured according to a potential scale in percentages. Big potential opportunities are easily recognised by their dark red colour. 

Find out more about the SPC Potential and the science behind it in this article.

Potential Opportunity position on the field

The Potential Opportunities pages shows you all potential opportunities of a team during the full match and allows you to precisely see they occurred on the field. To make it easier to analyse the full match the Potential Opportunities of one team are always mirrored in a way that the playing direction is always to one side. In order to analyse a certain trend of sprinting locations and directions, the second half is mirrored on the field, therefore the playing direction of the selected team is always set from left to right.

Sequence prior to the created opportunity

When clicking on a potential opportunity (dot) the sequence, if there was any, prior to the opportunity will be drawn on the field. The connecting lines represent passes and the dashed lines represent a dribble with the ball. 

For now the dribble is displayed as a straight (dashed) line between start and end position of the player running with the ball. In the click on the magnifier icon to zoom in on the details. 

You will automatically be directed to the row with the information about the opportunity. For the completeness a 2D animation and video of the potential opportunity allow you to analyse everything in the right context. 

*The 2D is now static and allows you to do an analysis of the positions of all players and the ball at the moment of the last pass leading to a potential opportunity.

Marker export

Export a selection of Potential Opportunities seamless to your trusted video analysis tool. The xml file is enriched with the start and end of both match halves for a seamless workflow with any video analysis software.

Find more information about the export markers in this article:

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