Getting started with the Performance Center. 

After we have set up your account you will receive an email with an activation link. 

Did not receive an email like this, not even in the spam box?

After picking a secure password you can get started with analysing your team(s). We have tried to make the SPC as clear as possible for you as a user. However, to make sure you can easily navigate through all the pages and to not miss out on anything we reveal all the possibilities via articles. Starting with the basics. 

Performance Center - Basics 

After logging in on your own account in the SPC we present you all the previous matches. Starting with the latest match on top. You can find earlier matches (e.g. previous season) by changing the date filters.
When you have found the match you want to look into, just click on the match to go to the corresponding Match stats. In the navigation menu on top, all reports are directly accessible. On every page, we are at your side in case you have questions, need for support, or want to give feedback. 



All our reports, analysis and insights are based on data. We collect, process, store, analyse and, distribute the data. Here you can find how to download the data. Only a ClubAdministrator is allowed to download the (match) data.

1. First, select Data Center and click on "Data Sets"

2. You will see a list of all matches (or practices) that are available for you. Simply click on the row you want to see the data off.

3. The "General" box provides you with the details of the match/practice. The "Files" box contains all the downloadable files. For a match this will include:
-Tracab.imo - imo file with the tracking data (can be processed by ImoClient)
-F24 - Events (.json)
-F7 - Events metadata (.json)
-VIDEO - video file of the match (.mp4)

Click on the download icon on the right to directly download the file to your pc.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please send us your feedback.

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