Packing and Impect are known measures in football and therefore we would like the explain how they are used and why they are not included in the Inmotio match reports. 


The total number of opponents outplayed by a player with a forward movement (pass/dribble).  'Packing' is a hybrid term that is based on the German verb 'packen', which is a synonym for beating someone on the pitch. Packing was designed by former Bayer Leverkusen teammates Stefan Reinartz and Jens Hegeler. It is a way to assign a numerical value to effective passing and dribbling by counting the number of opponents (especially defenders) taken out by a completed forward move of the ball. The more players that are taken out by a pass or dribble, the higher the score. When a player is ‘packed’ he/she is not directly involved in the ball-play anymore. The opponents that were positioned behind the ball and the goal after the offensive action are now considered packed.  Packing became known during the Euros (2016) when it was used as an on-screen metric by German broadcaster ARD. The calculation was developed by Cologne-based company IMPECT.

Packing Rate
The total number of opponents outplayed by a team is called the ‘Packing Rate’. Adding up the number of bypassed players during the game.

note: in the Inmotio reports we do have a feature called outplayed opponent (OPO). 

To assess the effects of passing behaviour on majority situations a straightforward approach can be obtained by calculating the number of defending players who are positioned between the ball carrier and the goal before and after a pass. Ensum, Pollard, and Taylor (2004) showed that the number of defenders between the ball carrier and the goal is negatively correlated with scoring probabilities. 

Impect =  Outplayed defenders of the opposing team, outplaying defenders (known as defenders) has more impact on the game and is therefore calculated in addition to packing rate.

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